Water quality and concern for the health of our streams, rivers, lakes and estuaries are ever increasing. The quality of a particular body of water, whether stream, river, lake or estuary can be assessed by examining the physical, chemical and biological characteristics. These parameters can be evaluated based upon sampling both the water itself, the sediments and aquatic life supported by the body of water being examined. To provide data for planners, developers, water-quality managers and pollution-control agencies, a high degree of reliability and standardization of this data is very important. The samplers use standard instruments used by the USGS, EPA and other state agencies following standards for testing as set forth in the ISO guidelines.

Physical and chemical characteristics can be evaluated by instruments by either spot checking critical locations or by installing equipment for continuous monitoring and recording. The samplers will collect water or sediment samples for examination in the lab or on-site with various tests. Water quality meters can be used on-site with the data recorded for later analysis.