The International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) produces internationally agreed rules for seed sampling and testing, accredits laboratories, provides international seed analysis certificates, promotes research, disseminates knowledge in seed science and technology and provides training. This expedites the worldwide standardization of seed quality assessment, facilitates seed trading nationally and internationally, and also contributes to food security.

The ISTA Seed Health Committee (formerly the Plant Disease Committee) began development of guidelines for Comparative Testing of Methods for the Detection of Seed-borne Pathogens in 1993 with the aim of producing validated methods. This process has resulted in a complete revision of the method validation process for ISTA seed testing methodologies as described in the ISTA Method Validation for Seed Testing Programme.

Turner Ag Research is an ISTA Certified seed sampler. They can provide the sampling, shipping and documentation required by the ISTA rules. Turner Ag Research provides fast professional service to Central and Northern California as well as Southern Oregon.